booze me up and get me high


I feel super calm and at peace with myself all of the time now

ryan talk about aliens


they’re real

Today is my 21st birthday.

I am currently lying on my bed, it is 12:40 pm.

Last night was definitely one of the greatest nights of my life.

Still feel drunk now lol? Weird. It’s my birthday and I’m just lying here, not doing anything. Andrew’s asleep next to me, so I’m kinda just here.

Listening to Crystal Castles though. Makes me think of last night :)

Not sure what’s to come tonight. We’ll see.

Happy birthday to me!!


Happy 68th Birthday Freddie! We love you and celebrate you!
~ 5th September 1946 ~

To make this day even more special, please don’t forget to donate to Mercury Phoenix Trust to spread awareness to help in the worldwide fight against AIDS.



stealing is a crime AND drugs is a crime too BUT if you steal drugs the two crimes cancel out and it is like basically doing a good. trust me i am a lawyerman



Did I ever mention that time me and my friends combined forces to form Will Smith?