booze me up and get me high


For all you Ents getting frustrated at your lack of Jay rolling skills just keep with it. A year of practice and I’m seeing a considerable difference


I sat on my brother and broke him.


"i’m sorry because i’ve realized that what i said was fucked up and harmful" is very, very different from "i’m sorry because now people are mad at me and i want to placate them so that they’ll stop criticizing me" and the two are not interchangeable




I woke up without you, it felt wrong I’ve
never woken up with you but I 
wrote you a love letter while I sat in
class I was in rehab for a month, nobody
cared and neither did I and though I’ve
lost those feelings in my skin it’s okay cos
you and me, you and me

I don’t want you to be alone I never
want to see you dope sick, I’m afraid
of your arms I’m afraid of your insides I’m
going to shove you down and fuck you but
I wonder how much more you needed
to die I want to dig my teeth into your 
veins and suck the poison out
spit it back on the street

maybe you’re gone again and maybe every
poem I write spells out your name but
when all of my thoughts were 
incomplete I
still tried to send you every love vibe in my

I think in your voice often and I
made you a crown woven from my
saliva and heart strings I’m
not a forgiving person and you hurt
me but I forgave
I forgave

in the year of being in love with you I’ve
never loved you more than seven
days before your twenty-second birthday I
realize you are mine even if today you’re
legal property, the pigs say they 
own you but it’s a lie

one day I’ll lick my lips and they’ll taste like
you, don’t hate yourself I
love you more than the sun after a week of rain I
love you more than rain in the summertime I
love you more than two hits that make
earth a new, unfamiliar planet 

Pompeii (Gender Pitched)


(pitched to different “gender”)

Sorry for low-tier quality, I just really wanted to hear what this would sound like.


KIDS (1995)


guys with voices so deep u can feel it in da clit